Croatian Communal Kindness

Koprivnica, Croatia

While walking to the market, we were passed by a woman on her bicycle speaking to her child who was riding close behind.  She smiled and nodded as we smiled and nodded.  Later on, as we were returning home; she passed us by .  As she passed, she slowed down and asked us, with a smiling face, if we were tourists (in Croatian of course).  We replied yes/da.  Her smile widened as she said, “Ahh… Dobre Don” (good day)!  It was a simple act of kindness that warmed our hearts and widened our smiles as she welcomed us to her community.


Upon leaving Koprivnica, Blek (Croatian tata (father), 72) while carrying one of our bags, helped an older lady lift her bag from the train platform on to the train.  It seems like a small gesture, but her smile and gratitude spoke directly to our hearts!